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Movade Scooters Holo Sticker
What's in the Package.
1x Movade D.F.S. T-Shirt
4x Movade Holo Stickers
As part of your merchandise purchase, every order will be shipped with four of our Movade Holo stickers with a reflective logo. Feel free to tag us in an Instagram post or story with you repping our stickers!
Holo T-Shirt.
Made of a lightweight, breathable and extremely soft Cotton blend. The perfect riding T-Shirt for the perfect riding day, as well as the perfect gift for any scooter fanatic!
Our T-Shirts are made with scootering
in mind:

Front logo - Holographic  Long Lasting Embroidery 
Back logo - Printed Mini Logo

Made of Cotton. Tear/Stretch resistant, true to size, free feeling & soft.
Ride in style and comfort with a Movade Holographic T-Shirt,
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