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Durable & long lasting.
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Movade Falcon Headset
Headset - 25
Headset Photo.png
What's in the Package.
Falcon Headset (2x Bearings, Headset cap, C-Ring (HIC/SCS!))
4x Movade Holo Stickers
As part of your Falcon headset purchase, every order will be shipped with four of our Movade Holo stickers with a reflective logo. Feel free to tag us in an Instagram post or story with you repping our stickers!
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Falcon in three words:
Endurance, Speed, Style.
Some of the most important parts on a scooter, are the parts you see the least. A fresh headset can go a long way in improving your abilities on your scooter. Faster whips, better movement and a "clean scooter" feel are all things you can benefit from with a Falcon headset!
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Our headset comes with everything a scooter rider needs: 2 high speed bearings, 1 dust cover and a C-RIng.

(C-Ring designed for HIC/SCS, please use a IHC compatible C-Ring for IHC scooter setups!)
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