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How to build your scooter.
Here at Movade we want to make the installation of your bars, wheels, clamps and other parts are done quickly and properly so that you or your child can get out there and ride! So whether your a seasoned professional, or just starting out with riding, here are some quick tips and tricks that might help you in the long run.
Bars are one of the simplest parts of the scooter to install, but when dealing with different compression systems (the fork & clamp make up your compression) it can get confusing very quickly, and might cause you to have to replace an entire bar completely!
Step #1: See what compression system your scooter uses.
If your scooter runs SCS or HIC compression (same fork, different clamps) then you will be able to ride Movade Glider Ti bars since these systems support oversized bars (larger inner diameter) however if you use IHC compression, your compression will not be compatible with our Glider Ti bars as this system only runs standard sized bars (mostly aluminum). Check the image below for a more detailed view of all three compression systems.
How to cut a slit
Step #2: However, if you ride with HIC compression, you will have to install a slit into your bar (see reference image). Movade does not provide this service as we don't currently have the proper tooling to create a slit. If you choose to ride HIC you will have to cut a slit into the bar yourself using a hand held saw (NOT AN ABRASIVE CHOP SAW). It is recommended to slowly cut at a straight 90° angle while pausing for breaks in-between to allow the metal to cool down. Titanium needs to be "cold cut" and cutting the titanium too hot can cause microscopic cracks to form in the bar, which can grow overtime. We also recommend cutting the slit on the side of the bar, and not behind the bar in order to put less strain on the slit. For the longest life possible, we recommend using SCS compression, but if done right, HIC is still a great way to ride your Glider Ti bar!
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