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Fast and lightweight.
Movade "Nest" Wheels
Wheel Pair - 70
Movade Scooters Holo Sticker
What's in the Package.
2x Movade Nest Wheels
4x Movade Holo Stickers
As part of your Nest Wheel purchase, every order will be shipped with four of our Movade Holo stickers with a reflective logo. Feel free to tag us in an Instagram post or story with you repping our stickers!
Displaying a beautiful 
bird nest design.
With a total of 22 spokes, our bird nest design is the perfect balance between longevity, style and blissful riding.
Ultra robust urethane.
Our 88A-Grade urethane has been rider tested
and is incredibly durable.
ABEC-9 Bearings for a silky smooth ride.
Two ABEC-9 bearings are pre-installed in every
Nest wheel, so you can get to riding sooner.
Each wheel only weighs 220g.
110mm x 24mm so that you know
our wheels always fit whatever you ride.
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