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Custom cuts currently no longer available. 
Movade Glider Ti
T Bar
720mm x 610mm
Y Bar
720mm x 610mm
Movade Glider Ti With Slit
Custom³ Length
Length (mm)
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Movade Scooters Holo Sticker
What's in the Package.
Movade GliderTi Bar
4x Movade Holo Stickers
As part of your GliderTi purchase, every order will be shipped with four of our Movade Holo stickers with a reflective logo. Feel free to tag us in an Instagram post or story with you repping our stickers!
Movade Glider Cutout 4_edited.png
GliderTi bars.
Glider Bar Cutou4.png
Thin & Strong
800 grams at full length
Professionally TIG welded
9 Month durability testing passed
Precision cut & Grade 9 Titanium Alloy

Compatible & Capable
Oversized 1 & 3/8" (35mm)
Standard Compression System Ready (SCS)
Compatible with ORE Grips & Bar Ends

Design & Function
720mm (H) x 610mm (W)
Smaller bend for better handling / T 
0° Backsweep
Raw metal finish or Dark Chrome finish
Laser etched MOVADE logo
Sleek & Rider focused design 

Make your bar. yours.
Movade's professional cutting service provides you with your very own custom fitted bar. It's as easy as choosing your perfect size right from our website and works with any color and style GliderTi bar. If we don't have your preferred when ordering, just let us know what you need on checkout and our team will guarantee your specifications will be matched!
GliderDC Text.png
A brand new look,
the same light weight.
Glider now comes in the completely unique color of Dark Chrome. Dark Chrome is a beautiful new color that helps change the way a professional scooter looks. The bars work together with the color, allowing it to change its color value depending on the light of its surroundings from silver to black.
Full Glider DC Bar Cutout 720x611.png
Movade Glider
See it to believe it.
Here at Movade we believe it is important for our customers to be able to see our products hands-on. This is why we've partnered with numerous sport facilities and shops to help spread the name of our brand!
Here are currently our partners that sell Movade Glider Ti bars! Go check them out, and if you stop by, tell them we sent you!
Speckenweg 1 A,
23683 Scharbeutz
Phone: 04503 / 8929535
Sophie-Schoop-Weg 90,
21035 Hamburg
Phone: 040 / 401136500
TSG Skatepark
Gerstenstraße 2,
17034 Neubrandenburg
Phone: 0176 / 78119586
GliderTi DC
All Movade Glider Ti bars, Silver and Dark Chrome come oversized to maintain strength and stability. Our Glider bars have a diameter 35mm wide, this means that our bars are only compatible with SCS (Standard Compression System) or HIC (Hidden Internal Compression System) compression, however, a custom slit will have to be installed if you wish to ride HIC. Please click this link for more information about cutting a slit into your bar and how we recommend going about it. Movade Glider Ti bars WILL NOT work with the following:
Please note that if you try to install these bars on the 3 above named compression systems, that the bars will loosen and can break and can cause serious damage to you or your scooter. Movade Scooters is not liable for any damages caused by installing the bars using the 3 above named compression systems. If you are unfamiliar with installing your bars and require help, please click this link for further instructions. 
Movade provides the option you have your bars custom cut to a height of your choice, by using a a cold cutting metal saw to reduce the possibility of damage. If you choose to have your bars cut by Movade, the 60-day warranty, as well as our 60-day crash warranty will no longer be valid. The cuts are made as close to the preferred height as possible but might not always be on point. The chosen height of your bar is measured from the top of the cross bar to the bottom of the bar. We always make sure that your bar has the cleanest and most precise cut possible, but there is a possibility that small percentage of bars could be cut lopsided. In this case, Movade will try its best to sand the bar down so that the bar is true, but it might cause a bars height to shrink by a few mm.
For more information on choosing the right bar height for you or your child, please click this link to learn more.
For an additional 10€ you can have your bar custom cold cut to any of the 7 heights shown below. The bar heights are measured in mm and from the top of the cross bar to the bottom of the bar:
550, 580, 600, 630, 650, 680, 700, 710
If you choose to have your bar cut, it will void our 60-day warranty, as well as our 60-day crash warranty. Movade is not liable for any injuries sustained by a custom cut by Movade or any third party, such as a reseller or distributer. The breaking of a titanium bar after a cut is preformed is not considered a manufacturing defect.
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