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Movade Hoodie 5_edited.png
Movade Scooters Holo Sticker
What's in the Package.
Movade D.F.S. Hoodie
4x Movade Holo Stickers
As part of your merchandise purchase, every order will be shipped with four of our Movade Holo stickers with a reflective logo. Feel free to tag us in an Instagram post or story with you repping our stickers!
Made of a lightweight, breathable and extremely soft Terry Cotton blend. The perfect riding hoodie for a colder day, and the perfect gift for any scooter fanatic!
Movade Hoodie 5.png
Our hoodies are made for scootering,
we designed our D.F.S. hoodies with
just that in mind:

Front logo - Black Affixed Cloth Embroidery 
Back logo - Flat Embroidered 

Made of Terry Cotton. Lightweight, tear resistant, warm & soft.
Ride in style and comfort with a Movade Hoodie,
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